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A-LITE® Brand LED products are designed and manufactured by Arianetech Pte Ltd, a Singapore company with more than 17 years track records. All of our products are designed and built by a team of experienced lighting and manufacturing Engineers to deliver the best lighting products that meet industrial standard and long lasting expectation of LED Products.

Arianetech Pte Ltd was established in the year of 2001 in Singapore, serving the Electronics Industry with Electronics assembly equipment and related products.

Facing a reduced demands from the Electronics industry for equipments and services in year 2010,  Arianetech Pte Ltd decided to venture into LED Lighting business.

We started with a group of Design Engineers whom had years of experiences in Photometry, Electrical, Power Electronic, Mechanical & Thermal design to develop our core LED products, LED Light Tube suitable for Fluorescent tube replacement. 

In late 2013, we were being called upon by one of our biggest lighting customer to work with their indoor agriculture project. This is special as this is the first indoor farm in Singapore and we had no previous reference to consult. With our team effort, within 3 months, we eventually developed a tailored-made LED tube that produces monochromatic light at specific wavelenght to meet our client's requirement. Our new LED Grow light was approved by our customer and it was subsequently deployed for their Plant Factory in Q1 of 2015.

Over the next few years, we also have the honour to work with several Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) on their indoor 

farming Research Studys for advanced farming methodology. These cooperations have also expand our understanding of plant physic and have enable us to introduce a full suite of solutions ranging from Lighting solution to Full planting System to Controls. 

Our Agri-related customers till date have also increased to more than 40+, locally & aboard, and are still growing. 

We will be glad to share more of our experience and look forward to working with you on your next generation Agritech needs soon.


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