Project Description

Strawberries are finicky to cultivate. To ensure best result from indoor farming,
Hydro Farm LLC (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.) had done many  comparative test farming with different brands of LED grow lights from all over the world.


In 2015, providing the best outcome from all comparative test farming, Hydro Farm LLC decided to adopt our LED grow light product with specialized spectrum designed for strawberry growing,
The strawberries grown indoors at Hydro Farm LLC, then, are Mongolia’s very-first to be grown for commercial consumption; a revolutionary milestone for local agriculture.

Controlled environment growing techniques was not only that it could grow perfected products, but more imperatively, how to grow them optimally while tailored to the palates of the addressed demographic. Specific changes to the characteristics of the plants can be achieved by altering certain facets of growth — whether they’re light wavelengths; air temperature and humidity; or the macro- and micro-nutrients in the plants’ water.

Unlike GMO methods, controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) adjustments are done on the plant’s external growth factors. The definitive difference between controlled environment farming and traditional outdoor farming is that the latter has no control over what its plants absorb, while the former does. In both cases, the plants still grow on its own, naturally gleaning nourishment from its respective environments. That being said, CEA vertical farm produce is just like traditional farm produce. Perhaps, better.