EGT T8/T10 Blue White Light IP21

EGT T8/T10 Blue White Light IP21

A-LITE® designed a series of plant growth luminaries that are more efficient compared to traditional light sources.In this series, each light source is produced with specific wavelength that provide maximum benefit to plants and minimize wasted energy. The entire series was developed with different light spectrum combinations that could enhance the growth of leafy vegetables, flowers and fruits,a wide coverage to meet your agricultural needs. Our lights are also much better at energy saving compared to conventional lights, saving up to 80% of power.

Model : EGT-22C-XBW
Power Supply Input : A-lite Isolated Built-in Driver
Input Voltage : AC 85~ 265V ; 50/60 Hz
Available in : 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft (Also customizable to any length to fit)
* Under wet conditions, it is recommended to instal waterproof lamp holder or cover



EGT T8 T10 Tube-Series-EGT-22C-XBW