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Modern Agricultural Hardware Technology

We provide best Modern Agricultural Hardware solutions for our urban farming customers,

Our hardware solution is an adoption of vertical farming technology & utilizing intelligent lighting in a controlled environment for crops cultivation. A multi-functioned  plant production system was designed and constructed using tech-advanced, cost effective materials and wring solution. Unlike the systems used in standard high yield plant factories, our system was designed to determine optimal environmental parameters.

Modern agricultural irrigation solution

ARIANETECH provides full range of pumping, cycling, disinfection and measurement solutions.

Dedicated to modern agricultural irrigation

We can supply irrigation pumping solutions for indoor farming that reduce energy costs, safeguards the water resource, and keeps productivity at its best. Our pumping systems are efficient, tested for reliability and designed to work seamlessly with modern farming operations.Variable speed pumps and easily integrated controllers automatically react to changing conditions and demands to keep running costs down.

Special water treatment to increase Germination rate

With our Modern Agricultural Technology, we’re able to increase Oxygen content in water, increasing Germination rate and keeps productivity at its best.

Water Treatment Control Systems

LED Lighting Core Technologies

Light environment is one of the important physical environmental factors that are essential to plant growth. A-LITE® LED plant growth light is compatible to various characteristics of various plants. By targeting the specific wavelength of each plant’s reaction to light and bud differentiation, it enhance the growth of roots and stems, leaves growth, synthesis of water compound and vitamin which can reduced the growth period producing quality crops in a shorter time frame.

*Diverse light spectrum and adjustable wavelength,Provide maximum benefit to plants
*High PPFD, Energy-saving product; high efficiency of power conversion,Minimize wasted energy
power consumption is 1/4 of a Fluorescent lamp, 1/10 of Sodium light.

*Generates low heat, waterproof, small size, long shelf life (more than 30000 hours).

Customizable wavelength of the light to fit various plant. Made-to-order and affordable; your LED Grow lighting total solution.

Intelligent Modernization Modules

Our Intelligent Modules system was designed to determine optimal environmental parameters. Criteria such as air composition, nutrient solution concentration, and lighting conditions were measured and optimized for numerous plant breeds.

Through the use of color webcams and sensor data, statistics for many plants were obtained. The measured data was then turned into a profile intended to be used for controlling future growth. Profiling gave the system the unique ability to predetermine the most suitable environmental conditions for each plant. Large scale plant factory running costs are expected to reduce with the use of this Intelligent Modules, scheduling, real time environmental data, and plant growth images. This system also supplied and stored the obtained environmental parameters to a database. From the database, that information could be offered, in real time, to business associates and other end users.

Farming & System solution :

►Plant growing system equipment and IOT solution
► Provide smart datas on temperature, humidity etc. and other environment information
► Suitable for Soil based/Hydroponics/Aeroponics
►Available in homes, commercial facilities, plant factories
► Modular construction for easy assembly and multi-step expansion
► Cost effective, high yeild per each part
► Growing of leafy vegetables, fruits, flowers, microgreens, herbs, etc.

Licensing Applications :

► Urban farming factory related Licensing and Requirements.

Regulations & Requirements :
► Urban farming related Regulations & Requirements.

Certifications & Recognition :

► Urban farming organic certification.
► Urban farming pesticide-free certification.
► Urban farming hormone-free certification.

Our Clients

Work closely with our clients to consolidate our strengths & expertise in LED Lighting and Agri-biotechnologies with the aim of realizing and advance Agri-Technology 4.0.version .


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