Urban Farming & System solution

Our system use our own high efficient series of plant growth luminaries which provide maximum benefit to plants and minimize wasted energy. Saving up to 30% of power compared to traditional grow light and PPFD value rises up to 30%, increasing productivity by 20% per month.

Our Intelligent Modules system was designed to determine optimal environmental parameters. Criteria such as air composition, nutrient solution concentration, and lighting conditions were measured and optimized for numerous plant breeds.


Agricultural and Industrial Special Lighting:

►Specialized Plant growth LED lighting
►Highly efficient LED lighting
►Industrial and domestic LED lighting
►Specialized LED Glow lighting for Bakkwa Display
►Specialized UV LED Lighting


Zero Upfront Cost Energy Saving Sharing Plan

We help our MCST clients save electrical expenses by upgrading their lights to Led  at no cost.
In short, we only share the savings from electric bills after conversion.

By installing LED lights to replace fluorescent lights our MCST clients will get to save at least 50% of  electrical consumption,and we share the savings from electric bills after conversion,
In this scheme, we also cover the installation and maintenance during contract period.


A-lite , Expanding Possibilities 

Spice up your life with A-lite technology.