Our Brief History

Established in the year 2000 in Singapore, converted to Arianetech Pte Ltd in the year 2001 to better serve customers in the Asia Pacific region.

A-Lite® products are designed and manufactured by Arianetech Pte Ltd, we’re a Singapore company with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Our products were designed and built by a team of experienced engineers in lighting and manufacturing field. We promise to deliver the best products that are long-lasting and compatible to the industry standards.

Board of Directors

Always operate business with integrity and honesty

Edwin Ong
Edwin OngCEO & Founder
Founder of ARIANETECH PTE LTD, lighting and urban farming solutions. established in 2001, specializes in the research & development, manufacturing of modern agricultural technology&equipment, your system provider for indoor vertical farms. In 2015, Working with our client to build the first large-scale commercial indoor plant factory in Singapore covering 1,100m2, we’ve gained great experience of farming know how and systems development(system layout, racking and components, environment control and automation, set up and operation, cultivation materials and techniques). With proven results, we’re able to create total agricultural solutions for urban farms with the aim of improving yield and quality of crops, realizing and advance Agri-Technology 4.0.

Place Customers’ Needs Above Our Own

Provide customer with the highest quality products and service